The Issues

Engaged, Authentic Representation of District 8

TN District 8 deserves to have a Senator who is engaged with their constituents! Jessie is committed to being a present, authentic representation of District 8 in Nashville and listening to the concerns and priorities of his constituents. Jessie believes it is time that the District 8 Senator is enthusiastic, engaged, and energetic while representing all Tennesseans regardless of their political status, connections, or power.

The time for complacency is over! 

Preserving Tennessee Values

Jessie's goal – if elected – will be to preserve the Tennessee he grew up in, to preserve Tennessee values for people like his two young nieces. It is time we have a Senator whose priority is to preserve the Tennessee we all know and love! 

Safeguarding Tennessee's Borders

We deserve a senator who will staunchly defend our borders. Jessie is committed to working to enact “strict laws” against “illegal invaders” crossing Tennessee’s borders. We have to ensure our children are walking down the streets with real Tennesseans. 

Protection of Tennessean's 2nd Amendment Rights

We have to protect our God-given rights! Our 2nd Amendment Right is regularly under attack - Tennesseans deserve a Senator who is going to defend that right at every turn!

Prosperity for All Tennesseans

Tennessee is the greatest state in the country and all Tennesseans are entitled to prosper in all facets of their life! Jessie believes that all Tennesseans should be allowed to keep more of the money they earn and that there should be more of a focus on ensuring the government is using our tax dollars appropriately!

Economic Development

Endorsing efforts aimed at attracting businesses and fostering job growth within our counties is paramount, as these endeavors bolster local economies and contribute to the establishment of stable employment opportunities and the success of small businesses. By advocating for initiatives that promote business development, we pave the way for enhanced economic prosperity and sustainable job creation throughout our communities. Embracing strategies to attract and retain businesses not only stimulates economic growth but also ensures the resilience and vitality of our local workforce.


Enhancing the state of roads, bridges, and various infrastructure elements within our communities stands as an indispensable endeavor for fostering both their expansion and ensuring safety. Such improvements not only facilitate smoother transportation but also bolster the overall resilience of our state's infrastructure networks. By prioritizing the enhancement of these vital structures, we lay the groundwork for sustained economic development and fortify the foundation upon which our communities thrive. Therefore, investing in the enhancement of our infrastructure remains imperative for fostering prosperity and safeguarding the welfare of our state.

Protecting Tennessee's Natural Resources

Safeguarding natural resources, including vital waterways and expansive forests, are crucial for maintaining community well-being. These natural areas not only provide essential benefits like clean water and air and support diverse ecosystems, but they also attract tourists, boosting local economies. By protecting these resources, communities ensure a sustainable future that includes economic benefits derived from tourism.


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